Welcome to Willow

Hi, my name is Cara Heaney and I am the owner of Willow Designer dress hire service. After doing a recent and long overdue clear out of my wardrobe, I realised just how many dresses I had that I had only worn once to weddings, christenings etc. I had paid a lot of money for these dresses but some were long out of date and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them again.  So into the charity bag they went.

This got me thinking that I probably wasn’t the only one with lots of wardrobe space taken up by dresses worn once and I dreaded to think of the amount of money spent on these.  It really was such a waste. To be honest I had never thought of hiring dresses before but something just clicked that it would be a great service to offer.  You would still get that great feeling of wearing a fabulous dress and not being out the money.

The more I researched this, I discovered that there was a gap in the local market for this service but not only for just ordinary dresses, what about really nice high end labels – the kind you see on the more popular social media influencers. The sort of dresses that can set you back £400-£600 at full price.

I had obviously found hire service suppliers online – mostly in Dublin and London but none easily accessible to me where I could go try on the dress and then decide if I wanted to take it or not.

And so Willow was born.

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