Luxury Labels


Willow is a designer dress hire service based in Newry, Co. Down. At Willow, we are passionate about designer fashion however given the hefty price tag associated with it, we recognise that luxury dresses are inaccessible to most.

How many times have you purchased a beautiful dress, worn it once to a special occasion, had photographs taken which were put on social media and felt like you couldn’t wear the dress again?

The dress has then been added to your dress collection which takes up space in your wardrobe. Now with the help of Willow, you can wear that luxury dress to your special event without paying the hefty price tag, without it being worn once and left in your wardrobe to go out of fashion.

Sustainable fashion

The average woman has 22 garments in her wardrobe that she has worn once or never at all.

Nowadays as our society becomes more aware of the environmental consequences of fast fashion, clothing rental is seen as a way of cutting down on buying any items which we are unlikely to wear time and time again.

What We Believe In

Giving all women the opportunity to look fabulous in aspirational designer dresses at accessible prices

Offering our customers a low risk way of trying new designers and styles

Providing sustainable fashion – increasing the lifespan of garments and being a sustainable alternative to fast fashion and over-consumption